Good Life Gifts’ Marketing Plan

Good Life Gifts’ ecommerce website has been up and running since late April of this year, and as with any new business, you can’t expect to be profitable over night. With the Christmas buying season at hand, it’s time to pull out all the stops and make and grab a piece of the market.

We’re working on a plan to increase traffic and sales using a variety of marketing tactics to be implemented along with our traditional PR, onsite SEO and offsite link building. These additional marketing tactics include email, newsletters, blogging, social networks, and podcasting. Each tactic will have it’s own plan, based on target market, goals and resources.

The plans for five tactics require that we we have at least one proven “remarkable,” “must-have” product, and a website presentation that is stellar, or at least competitive with other sites in our market space. Without a product that will appeal to our target market, and a website that reflects quality and trustworthiness, most of these efforts will result in little more than an increase in traffic. Because traffic doesn’t necessarily convert to sales, we must be sure that our store and our products will not hinder the purchase process.

The next blog posting will cover how the tactics were chosen, rated and prioritized. Later, I’ll break down each one with a description, ideas, assignments, and steps for implementation.

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