Home Media Mania

Classic photo of soccer playing sons.
Mondo and Lee in their soccer getup.
How many of us have been covering the lives of our children since birth and have accumulated hours of video and hundreds if not thousands of images that have not been viewed since we shot them?

I don’t know the answer, but I feel I could be the poster child. My wife has been saying for years, “what good does it do to shoot so much and never see the result. I almost never print a photo, and vary rarely show a video of baby’s first steps, birthdays, graduations, weddings, vacations, what have you… I actually have media that I have never seen except through the viewfinder when I shot it. It’s a shame.

Enter the Apple TV. When I got an Apple TV for my birthday, and linked it to iTunes running on my iMac, all that changed. It was like setting myself free from the home media bondage. Now, together with all my recorded and unseen memories, I’m free!

Now, it will take months to finish capturing and editing the over 25 years tape in formats including VHS, 8mm, and MiniDV. And I’ll eventually get around to editing sensible pieces out of hundreds of individual clips shot on my iPhone 4 and my Kodak Zi8. It’ll take hours to finish scanning thousands of prints, negatives and slides accumulated over 20 years as a 35mm film shooter, and just as much time to organize an even larger collection of digital photos shot since I got my first digital camera in 1998, an Apple QuickTake.

But the satisfaction of having even a portion of that priceless, irreplaceable media available to show on my entertainment system is amazing.

Thank you Apple for the Apple TV and for the Macintosh with it’s excellent media software. I use iPhoto to crop, adjust and organize my photos and Final Cut Express to edit my videos. And it all comes together in iTunes, which interfaces flawlessly with Apple TV.

So in my spare time, when I’m not processing and refining my personal media library, I’ll be collecting more precious photos and video of my grand kids. The beat goes on.