Internet Marketing: CTA’s Community Website

I’ve been providing Internet Consulting services to CTA, Inc. – Christian Tools of Affirmation, since early December 2008. CTA creates and sells unique and value-priced products for churches and Christian schools.

Their website at is limited in it’s ability to make non-retail content readily available to visitors and the search engines. Even more, it provides very little opportunity for customers to interact with the company and with each other. 

Enter WordPress. When they were interviewing me for the job, CTA Co-founders Steve and Diane Darr, shared with me their desire to set up a blog that would enable and encourage conversations with customers. Shortly signing on as Internet Marketing Consultant, I proposed a comprehensive and economical solution: a community website separate from the retail site, that would not only allow them to reveal the CTA character and personality, but allow customers to interact with the company, and more importantly, communicate with each other. The site is located at

In addition to the blog, the site features a forum, an event calendar, pages dedicated to CTA’s buyer personas (Pastors, Educators, and Planners), access to free resources, videos, an extensive About Us section, and more.

The site contributors consist of several key employees at CTA including myself, as well as customers who have been invited to blog. We’ll be seeking additional contributors, and our hope is that other customers and potential customers will join this dynamic community.

CTA’s Community site will be christened in a few days with a link from the main website, an email blast, and an in-house viral campaign where we’ll encourage employees, associates and friends of the company to spread the word about this new marketing tool.