Romondo, why don’t you Blog?

The medium is the message:

  • It’s all about discipline.
  • Just do it!
  • Go big or stay home.
  • Practice what you preach.

Several influential people in my life have asked me why I’m not more visible on the internet. One of them is Bill Reeves, a friend from church and a partner at Communicato. I met with Bill recently to compare notes and see where our businesses might have synergy. We found that we both have a strong interest in using video as a business communication and development tool. We parted that day agreeing to continue to explore the possibilities. A week or so later I saw him at church and he made a comment that is still ringing in my ears, “Romondo, I can’t believe you’re not using the tools you know so much about to share your passion for communication.”

Wow, talk about convicting. I can’t deny that using these tools—video, blogging, social media, etc.—would make me so much more successful in a business centered around using the new technology to convincingly and authoritatively get your message across.

The fire was lighted under me by friend and client, Steve Darr, co-founder of CTA, Inc. Steve and I met yesterday to talk about some business ideas he’s been thinking about. As he described these businesses, I saw as an opportunity to offer this advice; as you think through and formulate these businesses, why might consider blogging your thoughts? I explained that journaling and then publishing these concepts and aspects of business will help you by:

  • Forcing you to organized and document your thoughts
  • Allowing readers to comment and provide input
  • Building brand recognition and authority
  • Allowing the search engines to index your content.

He responded to this suggestion by asking me if my other clients are blogging. I was glad to say most of them were blogging in some form:

  • Dr. Maupin is blogging her interview videos, podcasts, patient questions, and excerpts from the book she is writing.
  • Dr. Simckes is blogging patient testimonies and commentaries about what’s going on in the world of infertility. (I don’t facilitate this blog, but I do support it with Internet marketing services.)
  • CTA, Inc. is blogging articles useful to church leaders and planners.
  • These and other clients are publishing short form content to Facebook, Twitter and eleswhere.

Steve’s next question was convicting, “Are you blogging?” I gave him my answer with sheepish, “No, not really.”

I explained that I had this blog and one on the Davis Interactive site, but I hadn’t posted anything for months. Sure, I post often to Facebook and Twitter, and every once in a while on Linkedin, but do I practice what I preach? No. Why? I use the excuse that the cobbler’s kids have no shoes. Lame!

So, please, dear reader, if you don’t see at least one blog every week from me here, or on Davis Interactive, let me know in no uncertain terms that either you miss my words of wisdom and insight, or that I’m just plain dropping the ball on my commitment to be a great communicator.